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Lois White paints on porcelain, a very hard non-porous clay, fired to very high temperatures. She buys the items already glazed and then decorates them with an over-glaze paint. Several fires in a kiln with temperatures of over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit melt the paint into the original glaze, and then are sealed in as the glaze cools.

The designs are all hand-painted by Lois and then reproduced as a transfer, which is then fired into the piece of porcelain. Then each piece is hand painted and touched up to enhance its beauty individually to the item. Even though many of her designs are sold world-wide and used by other companies, only those hand decorated by Lois White can have her seal and logo on the bottom of each piece she has personally done.

One of her designs, the Dark Pansy, has been used by the “ National Presidents Wives Collector Plate Series”. Lois’s design was chosen to represent Frances Cleveland’s favorite flower—the pansy.

Many pieces are trimmed with gold, hand applied and fired in on the last fire. Pieces can be done without the gold trim if so ordered and they can then be used in a microwave. All ware is fired to be dishwasher safe, but many prefer to treat their pieces as they would a treasured heirloom and wash by hand.

Occasionally there will be offered original works of art by Lois, so watch the web for these, as they are a one-of-a-kind treasure for you to own.

Each item is hand decorated, so slight variations from the sample photo sheet may occur.

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